MANICURE MUSE: Nanette Lepore AW’12

You may recall the Nanette nail I did inspired by the Spring ‘12 collection. Nanette Lepore makes it easy to translate her youthful looks into nail art, because the colors are always so bright and rich. This season was no different with vibrant hues of tomato, pumpkins, cobalts, chartreuses and dark burgundies. Trust me when I say they look even better in person.  

To emulate, I used Urban Purple by Rimmel London, Beach by Revlon, Carnaby Street by Nails Inc and Neon Pink by Color Club. 

To get these ladyfingers:

1. Paint your full nail burgundy
2. Using a metallic lime green, paint a thick stripe on top of your freshly wet burgundy— they should blend slightly
3. Quickly after, paint a thinner yellow stripe on top of the lime green metallic
4. With a hot pink nail art pen, draw swirls emulating the print
5. Top it off with top coat