MANICURE MUSE: Ali Stephens for Flair April ‘12

Well, I’m back from a much needed vacation and tanner than ever. Mission accomplished! If you need a visual, you can refer to Miss Ali Stephens for Flair magazine. Meanwhile, I’ll pretend that the picture-perfect body and Burberry cropped parka are, in fact, mine. 

To emulate this look, I used Pretty Edgy by Essie, Brilliant White by CND and Baker Street by Nails Inc. 

To get these ladyfingers:

1. Paint your full nail green

2. Using your white and a thin nail art brush dab on sporadic small dots

3. Using a different nail art brush, apply 1 to 3 irregular squares and rectangles on your nail with dark blue

4. Clean up the edges of your squares with your white nail art brush

5. Outline the white edges with a black nail art pen applying just a thin line

6. Top it off with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat