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@causeifeellikeit said: I have really thin eyebrows and I’m brown skin. I was wondering if you could recommend any products to help me make them look thicker and longer”

**Disclaimer: Sorry guys, I’m new to this and can’t figure out how to reply when it’s not a direct message and just a comment. If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great. Otherwise…**

I’m SO glad you asked this. Brows are having a serious moment thanks to Cara Delevigne. As someone who never really invested in brow products until now, I am currently brow obsessed and dying to talk about them.

Someone recently recommended a product to me that I literally can’t believe I ever lived without— Anastasia Brow Wiz. It’s the perfect brow product for two simple reasons:

1. It’s super skinny, which makes it easier to control. Because it’s almost as thin as hair, you can literally create thicker brows without anyone knowing the difference— all you have to do is adjust the pressure as you draw in lines of varying lengths that follow the curve of your brow.

2. On the opposite end of the stick is a small round brush. Brush out the lines you make to make it look slightly more natural.

I would also recommend applying a gel to further deepen the look— this will give the illusion to fuller brows. After the Anastasia Brow Wiz, I brush through with Benefit’s Gimme Brow

I’m working on building up my YouTube Channel and can create a video for this if you’d like— just let me know! xo

fitnessryn asked: How do you keep your nails so nice? They're always perfectly shaped and a great length! There must be a secret...

Well thank you! Honestly I used to be a nail biter wayyy back in the day. Never thought there’d come a day I’d thank my orthodontist, but braces were my saving grace. Anyway, here are my rules for maintaining strong healthy nails:

  • Always, always use base coat. I swear by this nail hardener, Quimica Alemana, which is literally nail crack.
  • Never pick hangnails or cut your own cuticles (unless you know what you’re doing— and even then do minimally). You expose your raw finger to bacteria and other awful things. I find that constant picking weakens the nail, which leads me to…
  • Keep your cuticles moist with oils and lotions. My favorite product right now for that is Deborah Lippman’s The Cure. It literally works in seconds and doesn’t leave your fingers oily. So obsessed with this product. 
  • File your nails (at least a little bit) once a week. It’s just like a haircut— if you want to keep your hair long, you need to maintain it with a trim every so often.
  • Seal your nail with a top coat ALWAYS. The extra layer of polish keeps your nails strong, which ulimately avoids breakage. I swear by Seche Vite’s Fast Dry Top Coat and very rarely use anything else. 
  • Maintain a nail shape that mirrors your cuticle shape. I’m partial to a square shape— always have, always will. Just remember the more practical your nail shape, the easier it will be to avoid breakage. 
  • Finally, I take Biotin supplements, which benefits your skin, hair and nails. Kinda a no-brainer, but I didn’t know about it until someone recommended it to me (thank me later!)

Hope this helps!! 



mrstu asked: How often do you paint your nails? Are they ever plain/solid? Love your work xoxo

3-4 times a week and never without nail art. :)

  1. Hi guys--
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